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Command the Crisis:

Navigate Chaos with Battle-Tested Public Relations and Communication Strategies

by Angela Billings

Public relations and communication can be an intense profession no matter what industry you work in, and when a crisis presents itself, it’s even more demanding.
Be ready for whatever happens next.

In a crisis, words matter.

Angela Billings recognizes the power of words, and how they create possibilities to achieve business goals. As an entrepreneur, strategist, and business leader, she is a master communicator who has coached military officers, corporate executives, and political leaders. She was an Air Force spokesperson for over twenty years. 

Angela Billings
Author and Speaker

Women owned.

Veteran owned.

I’ll bring my courage.


In its original Latin form, a virago meant a noble or brave woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. I am a virago.
I’ll bring my courage to your crisis.

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